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My name is Nyssa Duvick. On a personal level, I am a nomad, a sucker for adventure, and have a slightly dark sense of humor, so don't take offense. Professionally, I am a pre-medical, pre-osteopathy student majoring in Biochemistry, an EMT at both hospital and ambulance, and obviously a nutrition coach and personal trainer. 

I have chosen nutrition coaching and personal training in order to create a foundation of preventative healthcare that is absolutely and critically needed in the United States today. I obviously plan on furthering my career in invasive medicine, but every medical professional should always strive to emphasize the prevention of these common maladies in the first place. 

Though I am the one who founded and developed the concept of 42, I am still young in knowledge and constantly learning. I welcome you to reach out with constructive criticism or even to provide insight from your professional standpoint. I appreciate you all, and I hope to talk soon=-)


EMT Certification

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach 

NASM Certified Personal Trainer