Living42 is a philosophy, founded by Nyssa Duvick, composed of 42 concepts that create a foundation to life. In other words, all 42 concepts in combination prepare the best foundation for the worst situations life throws. The idea is that by strengthening the individuals of a society, both the individuals and the society will simultaneously flourish. Another essential factor to life, of course, is the natural environment around us. Living42 is designed to create a foundation that allows life to live in balance and in synchrony. After all, when one side fails, the rest follow. 

The eventual goal is to develop the Living42 organization in full and implement it into society. Change is scary... but where our people are headed is FAR worse. It's time to get ahead of the game. It's time to change the world our children live in, and to begin implementing new, healthy ideas that not only benefit YOU, but benefit ALL of us.